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Marshal News
2009.06.09 | Marshal introduces the Matrac MH11 - a directional tread performance tyre for family cars
Now readily available nationwide, the Marshal MATRAC MH11 is a contemporary performance tyre for such top selling family saloons and hatchbacks as the Ford Focus, Volkswagen Golf and Vauxhall Astra.

The introduction of the MH11 gives Marshal the unusual facility of offering its family car customers the choice of an asymmetric tread pattern (MATRAC KH35) or a directional one (MATRAC MH11).

MH11 features four wide channels and optimally curved outer tread blocks for increased resistance to aquaplaning and a solid circumferential rib for strong straight line performance. The new tyre is available in a range of sizes from 155/65R13 to 236/60R16 and speed ratings H to V.

The MH11 was designed by the company's European Technical Centre, which is based in Birmingham, UK. Under the circumstances customers can be particularly confident of the tyre's suitability to Britain's road surfaces and climate.

The UK is the largest single market for the Marshal brand, which was established over 25 years ago and recently acquired a striking new identity that better reflects the clean, high-tech image of its very modern product range.